Our Team

We are careful to only work with as many dentists as we know we can service satisfactorily. We have no need to become a “big” lab as it is not about size but about quality and relationships. It is important to us to establish excellent communication between the technician and the dentist. Occasionally, we might ask a dentist to re-take an impression. This is to ensure an excellent fit. After all, both patient and dentist want to spend as little chair time as possible and yet achieve great results.

Meet Zoltan Darvasi

Zoltan Darvasi, who received his education as a dental technician in Switzerland, in partnership with his wife Doris and the team at Artistic Dental Ceramic Ltd., are working together to ensure consistency in providing high quality products and timely delivery which has been the focus of Artistic ever since its inception. Over the years, the lab has grown to 12 full-time and three part-time employees. Big enough to offer a full range of services, using the latest technology, yet small enough to provide personalized service so we can establish an excellent rapport with our clients to ensure the patients’ needs are met. It is not a one-size fits all, not assembly-line production. After all; it is ultimately not about teeth but about people. It is about changing lives through changing Smiles.

We Are Dedicated To Our Dentists & Their Patients

If you are looking to partner with a laboratory that will provide the best dental solution for your patients through high quality products, use of latest technology and personalized service, we are here to help.

For decades, Artistic Dental Ceramic Ltd. has gained the trust of many clinicians and their patients throughout Western Canada. We strive to increase that trust by consistently bringing you the latest technology and personalized service for the best value in the industry.

The history of Artistic Dental Ceramic Ltd. began in 1981 when two dental technicians both experts in their respective field, opened the lab on River Road in Richmond. We don’t just make crowns; we create art work that includes excellent fit and esthetics and craftsmanship using the latest technology, thereby providing dentists with short chair time and patients with brilliant smiles.

  • We offer personalized support because we care about your patients just like you
  • Full mouth restorations give you the opportunity to showcase your work
  • Advanced ceramic options customized for your patient’s case
  • We offer in-house milling to control production and quality
  • Full gold crown, diagnostic wax-up, Inlays/Onlays and more
  • We use only quality, brand-name authentic material

Our Company Mission

“Through the use of the latest technology and materials and by providing a personal touch, our team at Artistic Dental Ceramic Ltd. works continuously to ensure consistent, excellent quality of products in order to support our dentists in helping their patients achieve their dream smiles”

Our Artistic Vision

"To be the dental laboratory dentists turn to knowing that by partnering with Artistic Dental their patients will receive the best care possible through our high quality dental products and personalized service. We recognize that it is not about teeth but about people"